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Forklift Training Centre – accredited with TETA

Price On Call

Price : Price On Call
Date : April 20, 2022
Location : 7 Eldridge Road Escombe

Forklift Training Centre, we offer a range of training, certification and re-certification at unbeatable prices. We are fully accredited, and have been in operation for more than 10 years. Please call us for a free, no-obligations quote. Our prices and service is excellent.

Cell: 067 032 7462 (Rajiv)

Email: [email protected]

We offer the following training courses…

Forklift (Initial Training):-

Codes 1-4

Novice learners will normally be trained over 5 days.

Learners with previous experience can be trained in a shorter period depending on their level of competency.

We offer training in the following codes

Code F1 – Up to rated capacity of 3 tons

Code F2 – Up to rated capacity of 7 tons

Code F3 – Up to rated capacity of 15 tons

Code F4 – Above a rated capacity of 15 tons

Forklift (Re-Certification):-

Code 1-4

Re-certification takes a few hours.

Driver Assessments:-

All Codes

We assess drivers and determine their level of competency and fitness for their job.

K53 Driver Training:-

We offer this training for all codes of vehicles.

K53 driver training is aimed at enhancing driver skills in accordance with the K53 method of driver instruction.

Advanced Driver Training:-

This is a 3 day course. It is intended to equip drivers with additional knowledge and skills to make timeous and informed decisions for effective driving and to ensure road safety. Safety is our main focus, but emphasis is also placed on the correct method of vehicle operation as a means of vehicle preservation and to improve efficiency.

Dangerous Goods Training (HAZCHEM):

Training is conducted over 1 day.

Customer Care Training:-

Training is conducted over a period of 4 hours.

Professional Driving:-

Training is conducted over 1 day.

Induction & AARTO Training:-

Training is conducted over 4 hours.

Fire Fighting Training:-

Level 1 & 2

First Aid Training:-

Levels 1, 2, & 3

 * * * Discounted Rates * * *

Discounted rates can be arranged depending on the number of learners sent for training



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