A lovely summer’s day and you are all geared up to play. No net in the basketball hoop again!

The sun takes its toll on your nylon nets. You could replace it with a net made of chains.

We use 3mm galvanised chain to make our nets, 3mm is the dimensions of the chain used to make these nets. As you can see the chain is thick enough to be rugged and thin enough to be flexible. The net is made to the Basketball International Net Standard. The ring diameter is 45 cm the net from the ring to the bottom of the net is 40cm.

The nets are made to the size of the basketball ring – 45 cm diameter. The netball ring is 38 cm in diameter. Making this net ideal for both Basketball and Netball. When you need to replace your basketball or netball nets, please consider our chain nets, as a longer lasting option.

We are based in Gauteng and the nets are produces in-house. We courier the nets throughout South Africa.

These nets are sold in sets of two. Contact Sweetspot for your nets and delivery or collection www.sweetspot.org.za