Laeveld Legislative TRAINING Registered and Accredited Training Service Provider with TETA, CETA, MERSETA and Labour Department Laeveld Legislative Training is a specialized skills development training center designed to offer the best and most practical Training in the Mining and Construction Industry. We live in an industrial age where only the skilled are considered for job opportunities, our short courses are therefore designed to offer relevant skills required in the modern mining and construction industry. We’re fully accredited with the industry associations to give you only the best quality training.Operator Training There has been a growing trend to outsource training services in a variety of industries.  The benefits of this form of training include:  reduced maintenance costs; increased productivity and improved operator awareness and competency to ensure industry specific safe operating practices.Training and subsequent on-the-job assessment is conducted on-site using the client’s own equipment by highly qualified, efficient and effective trainers.  Length of training will be dependent upon operator’s previous experience if any and quotes are made accordingly.Laeveld Legislative lifting machinery training ensures that all operators operate their specific machinery in a safe and reliable manner. The training covers pre and post inspections, adapting operations to different loads, handling and storage principles and emergency procedures.All training and licensing is done in line with the Driven Machinery Regulation Act 6 of 1983 and Driven Machinery Regulations Code of Practice