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Mercedes-AMG GT63 S handed a wild body kit and bold wheels

Mercedes-AMG GT63 S handed a wild body kit and bold wheels

If the Mercedes-AMG GT63 S looks a bit tame for your liking, TopCar Design has penned a body kit with added aggression.

This Inferno body kit provides design changes to all angles of the performance sedan.

The front bumper has been fitted with a large overlay consisting of a number of components. On the sides sit prominent aerodynamic elements with small vertical stabilisers at the edges.

Additional LEDs have been added to the wide air ducts of the front bumper, as well. This gives the GT63 S more of a presence in the dark. Furthermore, a large diffuser has been added to the central bumper.

While the grille has retained its shape, the vertical slots gain carbon inserts, complemented by carbon edging on the Mercedes-Benz emblem (at the request of the client, the three-pointed star can be replaced with the TopCar Design brand emblem). The GT63’s standard bonnet features small ribs, which TopCar has made more pronounced by adding air ducts round the edges.

The front fenders of the four-door model have been fitted with characteristic shark gills. The main elements of the side, however, are the side skirts and sills, which have been given vertical aerodynamic stabilisers. These are placed closer to the rear wheels to direct air through them.

At the rear, an entirely new bumper has been fitted. Separating it from the standard item is the altered geometry on the sides where the vertical air ducts have become larger and received more aggressive linings. Below sits a large diffuser with side vertical stabilisers, similar to those on the side skirts and the front bumper.

The exhaust tips remain standard but in the upper part of the rear bumper a fresh design element has been added. The body kit also includes a large wing.

In addition, TopCar Design offers a line of 21-inch forged ultra-light wheels in various designs and finishes. GT Style, Shark Style 2 and Fury Style are found in the catalogue.

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